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Welcome to Unify Logistic Solutions

Unify Logistic Solutions LLC is federally regulated and bonded Freight broker company. We are one of the few well received U.S freight Brokers, capable of arranging for the diverse array for all your freight solutions for the diverse and large customer base. we strive to innovate solutions to challenges presented to us.

We are proud to promise our customers cutting edge technology offerings apart from providing a great and unique customer service and time savings products. The customers can very effectively place shipping with us and be assured to get a fast and easy processing procedure, since our company is headed and backed up by the experts and professionals who are efficient enough to get your job done within the stipulated time. We have expertise in managing any kind of handlings, be it the freight you want to shift or the quantity of shipment. You never need to have any doubts, arrange for the movement of your shipments irrespective of its size and place you want to shift to.

A simple and exclusive solution to all your freight shipping transactions.

Unify Logistic Solutions

Providing end to end logistics & cargo solutions

Our Managed Transportation experts evaluate your company’s challenges and identify opportunities to improve processes and performance to support your business strategy.

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Track your Consignment

From source to destination

Order Management

We simplify transportation management, handling crucial tasks so clients can focus on what they do best. Clients, carrier partners, and unify team members enjoy an exceptional experience grounded in the Unify Way

Expert Logistics Professionals

Unify has the best people in the business, building a team of energetic, enthusiastic, expert logistics professionals determined to deliver the highest quality service experience. With outstanding coverage, we help ensure your goods arrive where and when you need them, whatever the mode.

Customer Engagement

Unify Logistic is far from a behind the scenes function. Unify Logistic department is highly engaged with customers. In fact, a quick resolution of a return/damage improved our brand and customer relationship.

Consigment Booking

Contract and load booking are the core of the transportation management process. We can handle any type of shipments like the truck load, less than truck load and the intermodal very systematically and effectively.

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Tracking Device

All Our Fleet tracking has been in the business of providing live tracking systems longer than any other company. By keeping a log of miles and operation hours for each fleet gives us more accuracy.

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Safety of Shipment

We enable risk mitigation, improved security and compliance, while offering a rapid return on investment and a low total cost of ownership to improve business bottom lines through operational efficiency and situational awareness, we reduce traffic delays, increase vehicle capacities and ensure safer transport.

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Delivery on Time

Our experienced staff Initiate and maintain communications concerning shipment progress. We provide a comprehensive view of the product delivery process from purchase order to warehouse receipt..

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Managed Transportation Solutions

Let dedicated logistics professionals handle your complete transportation program with a solution designed to improve and simplify your logistics by leveraging the unify team’s experience and capabilities.

Track Your Shipment App

We help improve logistics efficiency by providing our customers and their supply chain partners with a single integrated view of shipments and delivery performance. We help in systematically sharing, tracking and analyzing shipment data in the form of electronic messages such as acknowledgements, advanced shipment notices, carrier status/proof of delivery and more.



Let the numbers speak for themselves

The Best in class

Unify have expansive carrier networks that provide many advantages over an in-house shipping department. We have buying power and can provide volume discounts, lowering your shipping expenses. Unify can also provide access to capacity that otherwise would be unavailable, or very costly, to an internal shipping department.

Feel Priviledged

Unify freight broker works for you and will put your interests first, because when you succeed, we succeed and when your business grows, so does ours. That’s the definition of a partnership benefits for both parties.

Shipping Experts

What Unify freight brokers do best is shipping, and working with one allows you access to their knowledge of best practices and experience. It also allows you to access the latest technology for shipping reporting and visibility into your logistics.

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